Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe : Delicious Twist for Your Taste Buds

Sure, here’s a brief and concise Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe: Try this delightful recipe for Apple Pie Focaccia, which combines the flavors of a classic Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe with the soft texture of focaccia bread. It’s an irresistible treat that’s perfect for any occasion.

If you’re looking to add a unique twist to your baking repertoire, this recipe is just what you need. The combination of sweet, caramelized apples and warm, fragrant spices on a soft, pillowy bread base will have your taste buds singing.

This Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe is really simple to make and will wow even the most inexperienced baker. So gather your ingredients and get ready to indulge in a tasty meal that will appeal to everybody.

Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe
Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe

Ingredients And Preparation

Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe is a delightful twist on a classic dessert. The combination of soft, pillowy focaccia bread with sweet, cinnamon-spiced apples creates a treat that is perfect for any time of day. Below, you’ll find a step-by-step guide to creating this delicious recipe, from preparing the dough to assembling the apple filling.

Prep The Dough

First, let’s start with the dough. Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make the focaccia base:

Ingredients for Focaccia Dough Quantity
Warm water 1 ⅓ cups
Active dry yeast 1 package
All-purpose flour 3 ½ cups
Salt 1 teaspoon
Olive oil ⅓ cup

In order to make the dough, first mix the warm water and yeast in a bowl, then let it sit until frothy, about 5 minutes. Next, combine the flour and salt in a another bowl, then mix in the olive oil and yeast mixture. Dough should be smoothed out, covered, and allowed to double in size.

Prepare The Apple Filling

Now it’s time to prepare the delicious apple filling. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Firm, tart apples
  2. Brown sugar
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Butter
  5. Lemon juice

To create the apple filling, start by thinly slicing the apples and tossing them with brown sugar, cinnamon, and lemon juice. Then, heat butter in a pan and cook the apples until softened and caramelized.

Assembling The Focaccia

Discover the perfect combination of sweetness and bread with our Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe. Learn how to assemble this delicious treat in just a few simple steps.

Rolling Out The Dough

To assemble the Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe, start by rolling out the dough. Here’s how you can do it:

1. Lightly dust a clean surface with flour. Place the dough on the surface.
2. Flatten the dough with your hands to form a rectangular shape.
3. Roll the dough to a uniform thickness of about 1/4 inch using a rolling pin.
4. Make sure to roll the dough gently and evenly, applying light pressure.
5. If the dough sticks to the rolling pin or surface, sprinkle some flour and continue rolling.
6. Continue rolling until the dough is large enough to fit your baking pan, typically around 9×13 inches.

Adding The Apple Filling

Now it’s time to add the delicious apple filling to the rolled-out dough. Follow these steps:

1. Place the rolled-out dough in your prepared baking pan, ensuring it covers the bottom evenly.
2. Spread out the apple slices equally throughout the dough as you arrange them.
3. Sprinkle a mixture of sugar and cinnamon over the apple slices to add sweetness and warmth.
4. For added taste and moisture, drizzle a little melted butter over the apples.
5. If desired, sprinkle some raisins or chopped nuts for added texture and taste.
6. Finally, cover the apple filling with another layer of rolled-out dough, pressing gently to seal the edges.

Baking And Serving

Enjoy the delightful fusion of Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe in this enticing recipe! Baking the perfect combination of sweet apples and savory bread, this inviting treat makes a wonderful addition to any meal. Whether enjoyed warm from the oven or served with a scoop of ice cream, this apple pie focaccia is sure to impress.

Bake To Perfection

To bake the Apple Pie Focaccia to perfection:

  • Preheat your oven to 375°F.
  • Place the focaccia in the oven for 20-25 minutes.
  • Check for a golden-brown crust for readiness.

Serving Suggestions

Here are some serving suggestions for your Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe:

  • For a delicious finishing touch, dust the top with powdered sugar.
  • Warm up and enjoy with a dollop of vanilla ice cream.
  • Pair with a drizzle of caramel sauce for added flavor.

Variations And Tips

Looking to elevate your Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe game? Check out these Variations and Tips that will take your baking skills to the next level.

Variations To Try

  • Incorporate a swirl of cinnamon-sugar on top for an extra layer of warmth.
  • For a crunchy variation, add a handful of chopped pecans or walnuts.
  • Experiment with different apple varieties such as Granny Smith or Honeycrisp for unique flavors.
  • Drizzle a sweet glaze over the finished focaccia for a decadent touch.

Useful Baking Tips

  1. Always slice the apples thinly to ensure they cook evenly and meld seamlessly with the dough.
  2. To get that ideal golden crust, preheat the oven to the proper temperature.
  3. Don’t skip the resting period after adding the toppings to allow the flavors to meld together.
  4. Brush the focaccia with melted butter before baking for a crispy finish.

Frequently Asked Questions On Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe

What Makes Focaccia Bread Different From Other Breads?

Focaccia bread is different from other breads due to its chewy texture and rich olive oil flavor. It also has a dimpled surface, sometimes topped with herbs or vegetables, giving it a unique appearance. These qualities set focaccia apart from traditional bread varieties.

What Are The Two Types Of Focaccia?

The two types of focaccia are traditional and modern. Traditional focaccia features simple toppings like sea salt and herbs, while modern focaccia can include a variety of ingredients like cheese, vegetables, and meats.

What Is The Difference Between Bread Dough And Focaccia Dough?

Bread dough is versatile for various bread types, while focaccia dough is specific to making focaccia bread.

Why Is My Focaccia Not Fluffy?

To make your focaccia fluffy, ensure you don’t over-knead the dough and let it rise adequately. Use fresh yeast and give it enough time to proof. Avoid pressing down too hard when dimpling the dough before baking.


In summary, this recipe for Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe blends the traditional tastes of apple pie with the rustic charm of focaccia bread. With its buttery crust, sweet apple filling, and fragrant cinnamon topping, this delightful treat is a perfect blend of comfort and indulgence.

Served as a dessert or as a morning treat, this recipe is sure to please both Apple Pie Focaccia Recipe and bread lovers alike. So why not give it a try and enjoy a slice of homemade goodness today?

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